Squishy Circuits

At the TASL conference last week, I presented on Squishy Circuits (AKA electric playdough) which is an easy way to introduce basic electricity and allows “instant creativity” with the new information. I recommend it to anyone with a Makerspace or who has introductory circuit info in their curriculum.

It’s a Breakout!

Like I’ve written before, the librarians always introduce me to the coolest things. And apparently, the coolest thing this year is Breakout Boxes. They were all over both conventions I went to. It’s sort of like those escape the room challenges–you have a locked box., with a variety of locks. You have a clues to … More It’s a Breakout!

Shazam! for Plants?

I spent part of the weekend down a rabbit hole with an app that a friend cursed me with showed me (thanks, Lisa!).  It is trying to be the shazam! for plants–you take a picture of a leaf or flower and it matches it against similar images. It’s way too much fun for nature geeks … More Shazam! for Plants?

Great Visit at Greystone

I had a fantastic visit at Greystone Elementary this week, where media specialist Julie Richey puts on an amazing FULL WEEK of author and illustrator visits. What a gift to her students!  

Where to Find Me as the School Year Wraps Up

May 2: Greystone Elementary School; Hoover, AL, Author Visit May 21-22: Washington, DC, Photo shoot for upcoming National Geographic Kids book June 12: Alabama School Librarians Association conference June 13: TASL Road Trip East (tentative) Let me know if you’d like me to add staff development or an author visit for your school or district!

April Newsletter

I sent out my Smore newsletter today. WordPress doesn’t let me insert the newsletters directly, so you’ll have to click the image below to be taken to the site, if you aren’t already bombarded with this in your inbox (and if you’d like to have it sent to you, but aren’t getting it, click here … More April Newsletter

Real Science Research

(Note: Man leaping over graph is a professional. Do not try this at home.) I am currently in love with datanuggets.org, if you can be in love with a website. It features current, engaging scientific research and the data the scientist collected. Students read (or in some cases can see a video) about the the … More Real Science Research