For Educators

Author Visits

I love sharing reading, writing, and science with learners of all ages–in assemblies, writing workshops, STEM days, Title 1 and family science nights! Jodi Wheeler-Toppen came to Riverside Elementary in 2023 and did a phenomenal job! Her “Purr-fect Research” program was a HUGE hit with teachers and students alike! Several teachers said that was one … Continue reading Author Visits

Staff Development

Some of my most joyful moments have come as I’ve watched teachers become more confident in their skills–especially in the areas of reading, writing, and student-centered science teaching. All staff development offerings are tailored to your teachers’ unique needs. Read. Write. Science!: Give teachers the basic tools they need to integrate reading, writing, and content … Continue reading Staff Development

Once Upon Series

Your students struggle to read and understand their science textbook. But you are a science teacher–you already have more content to teach than you could possibly address in a year. These books have the answer: research-based learning-cycle lessons that address key content while helping students develop as science readers and writers. Each chapter includes: *A … Continue reading Once Upon Series

Credentials and Pricing

Credentials: I hold a Ph.D. in science education with a focus on reading and writing science text.This is critical for my staff development offerings, but also for my author visits. Every presentation I give is steeped in years of study and practice in how students learn. I’m not doing a “science show” with a bunch … Continue reading Credentials and Pricing