Free, Print-Ready Science/Reading/Writing Lesson Plans from the Georgia DOE 

Last summer, the Georgia Department of Education put together a team to write a series of literacy learning cycles in the style of my Once Upon a Science Book series. These fantastic resources include a science activity, a science article with a related reading skill, a specific writing skill, and a writing assignment. They truly meet language arts and science standards at the same time, with print-ready handouts to make things easy.

Best of all, they are holding another writing session this summer, so there are more on the way!

Find them through the links below: 

Kindergarten Day and Night 

First Grade Light 

Second Grade Shadows 

Third Grade Fossils 

Fourth Grade Ecosystems 

Fifth Grade Erosion 

 6th Grade Science Literacy Task: Tornadoes 

7th Grade Science Literacy Task: Cells 

8th Grade Science Literacy Task: Mixtures 

(Note: these are correlated to the Georgia Science and Language Arts Standards. However, the Georgia science standards are very close to the NGSS and the Georgia language arts standards are essentially the Common Core Standards).