Real Research–with a paycheck–this Summer (2018)

One interesting sort of summer adventure involves spending the summer in a university of government research lab. These positions usually are paid (seems to be about $700/week on average), but don’t include travel, room, or board. The list below will get you started, but try searching your local university website for options near you. Fermilab: … More Real Research–with a paycheck–this Summer (2018)

Cool hooks and phenomena to drive explorations!

Are you familiar with GSTA’s Georgia Standards of Excellence Phenomena Bank? A phenomenon is an interesting “hook” for a topic that students can use to drive exploration. For example, The Blue People of Troublesome Creek introduces a (real life!) family in rural Kentucky who were blue. Students can work from this unusual example to studying … More Cool hooks and phenomena to drive explorations!

Got Mindstorms?

I have come across several science teachers, STEM teachers, media specialists and MakerSpace organizers who have found themselves with a set of Lego Mindstorms that they aren’t sure how to use. I was intrigued by this set of free online courses to help you get started. (You can even take a test and get “certified” … More Got Mindstorms?

Primary Sources for School Librarians

I got this information in an email recently: Thursday, October 12th School Librarians Get to the Source FREE Webinar, 1:00-2:00 p.m. ET TPS-experienced elementary, middle, and high school librarians discuss key considerations for connecting Library of Congress resources with K-12 classrooms. Tom Bober, Heather Balsley, and Jenn Hanson provide insight and strategies to promote inquiry … More Primary Sources for School Librarians

FREE Eclipse Glasses

  Everybody knows you can’t just stare at the sun, with an eclipse being no exception. The Washington Post helpfully explains about a program in which libraries are helping spread safe eye wear for the big event. Take a look, and get your free eclipse glasses today!

Shazam! for Plants?

I spent part of the weekend down a rabbit hole with an app that a friend cursed me with showed me (thanks, Lisa!).  It is trying to be the shazam! for plants–you take a picture of a leaf or flower and it matches it against similar images. It’s way too much fun for nature geeks … More Shazam! for Plants?