Amazing Distance Learning Adaptations from Molly Niese

Molly Niese, who has field tested my last two books, has created some amazing adaptations of readings from Once Upon an Earth Science Book. Each one is contained in a Google Slide show that students copy and complete. They open with a video showing how to use the slide show, and then have slides like these, with text, codes, and audio(!) for each section!

Sample Slide from Chapter 6 Reading Guide

After the text, she includes excellent, interactive, questions to help students process the diagrams and think through the meaning of what they read, as seen here, in the reading for Chapter 14:

Sample Slide from Chapter 14 Reading Guide

You can find these guides here (scroll down), along with other distance learning support for use with the Once Upon books. If you have something you have made and would like to contribute, let me know!