School Auction Help!

In my parent hat, I’m organizing an auction basket for one of my kid’s schools (everybody’s favorite job, right?). I discovered a group called “Let’s Roam” that will donate a set of their scavenger hunts and adventures for fundraising at schools and nonprofits, including:

  • 2, Family Scavenger Hunt 10 Pack ($140 Value)
  • 2, Date Night Scavenger Hunt 2 Pack ($100 Value)
  • 1 Virtual or In-Person Team Building Event For Up to 10 People, PLUS 20% off additional players ($525 Value)

They have games that run around the country (and world!) in cities including Atlanta, New York, Boston, Chicago, Melbourne and Chattanooga. They look like a fun way to get out and see things you might miss in a city.

I know many of you participate in your school’s fundraising efforts, so I thought I would pass this tip along. The limitation is, you have to post to your organization’s website about their donation. This is reasonable for getting a donation, but it would be better if they specified that up-front.

Here is the website:

To locate the donations, submit your information at:

Good luck! I will report back on how successful I am at getting this donation 🙂