Shazam! for Plants?

I spent part of the weekend down a rabbit hole with an app that a friend cursed me with showed me (thanks, Lisa!).  It is trying to be the shazam! for plants–you take a picture of a leaf or flower and it matches it against similar images. It’s way too much fun for nature geeks … More Shazam! for Plants?

Gardening Round-Up

I’ve written about a number of gardening resources recently, and thought I would tie them all up in one post, for easy reference.

Gardening by the Books

I’ve been on a gardening kick here recently with my posts. I thought I’d share a list of picture books about gardens and gardening.  Someone on Goodreads has compiled a remarkable list–169 in all. Many of these I’ve read, and others look intriguing. I’ll add one more that’s not on the list, especially for the … More Gardening by the Books

Project Learning Garden

My children’s school participates in Project Learning Garden. The school got a variety of gardening materials, curriculum, and training. But the neatest part was the way this project bridges to eating. Participating schools get a cooking cart that has materials and recipes to take into classrooms to prepare foods from the garden. The teachers have … More Project Learning Garden

Giant Cabbage Heads

I realize I’m writing about gardening in the bleak of winter, but now is the time to plan if you have a school garden. That, and you have take advantage of this opportunity by February 15. Bonnie Plant Farms is giving cabbage plants to THIRD GRADE classes (only) that will allow students to grow a … More Giant Cabbage Heads

Out-Of-This-World Gardening

I learned recently about a fascinating twist on school gardening available through the International Space Station. You can request tomato seeds that have spent time on the ISS. Then your students grow them in your school garden and compare them to Earth-bound controls. They even get access to the data from all other participating schools. … More Out-Of-This-World Gardening