Of a Mine-d to Study Mining

At the national NSTA convention, I attended a day-long geology field trip to various points of interest in Georgia. Two of those sites were mines (turns out Georgia has the most diverse mining operations in the country–in terms of variety of things mined–who knew?). Mining hasn’t been an area I’ve known much about, but I was deeply interested. The field trip leader mentioned having done some interesting staff development in mines in the past, so I went looking for some cool mining experiences. The best I could do was a (great-looking!) workshop, but only for Texas teachers.

The Texas Mining and Reclamation Association offers several 4 days experiences for teachers. They are free, get you professional development hours, and come with geological samples and classroom supplies. I would especially like to do the one focused on Uranium mining.

Do you know of any other mining adventures for teachers?


(Standing in a family-owned sand mine in central Georgia)

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