Three More Summer Adventures (plus a round-up)

Project ATMOSPHERE workshop: The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has a lot of cool teacher offerings, but here’s a fun-looking one in Kansas City, MO that will give you a chance to learn about the newest technologies in weather work. It’s July 16-28 includes a stipend, graduate credit, travel money, and room and board. Apply by March 27.

Smithsonian Libraries Neville-Pribram Mid-Career Educator Award: Ok, this one is for a very unusual educator, but it piques my interest because I had an amazing experience interning at the British Natural History Museum in college. This is for a teacher who is writing curriculum (again, the sort of thing I like!) that could make use of the National Museum of Natural History’s collection. You get to travel up there, do your research, and interact with lots of Smithsonian experts. Apply by January 31. If you get it, I’ll be jealous!

CDC Science Ambassador Fellowship: This was popular with my readers last year, so I’ll list it again. Middle and High School teachers can come to Atlanta from July 10-14 and then complete a year-long online program. You get to work with CDC scientists and get a glimpse into the world of public health.  Apply by February 15. (I suspect this is a great program, but the participants look awfully bored in the promo material. If you go, try to perk up their publicity shots a bit!)

Since I’ve been posting these on and off, here’s a round-up of the other adventures I’ve highlighted for this summer:

3 Fabulous Adventures for Teachers (these three hit Costa Rica and the Amazon)

The Maury Project Workshop (you get to go out on a research vessel!)

Teacher Park Ranger (you get to…wait for it…be a teacher park ranger)

And I’ll add one more here… the Create Your Own Adventure option. The Fund for Teachers Grant allows up to $5000 to fund a staff development project that you design for yourself. Apply by January 31!