Face Swap!

The munchkins and I have been having a blast with a face swapping app recently. I’ve been wracking my brain for a science education use for it. So today we played at being physicists and face swapping with Einstein.

This was the best of the girl munchkin:

einsteinedShe wouldn’t let me post what his face looked like on her body. She said it was “too creepy.” Boy munchkin was ok with it though:

kiddo einedI’d say boy munchkin’s hair is already off to a good start in Einstein’s direction.

I could imagine having a face swapping booth at a science night. Use an app on a phone, but have it projecting to a big screen so everyone can see the silly results. You could have a number of scientists to choose from, and maybe a kid seeing their face morphed onto a scientist’s head would make them think, “you know, that really could be me someday.”