Face Swap!

The munchkins and I have been having a blast with a face swapping app recently. I've been wracking my brain for a science education use for it. So today we played at being physicists and face swapping with Einstein. This was the best of the girl munchkin: She wouldn't let me post what his face … Continue reading Face Swap!

Who wore it better?

Yup, many swallowtail caterpillars disguise themselves as bird poop. What better way to keep birds from eating you? (The lovely poop shot comes from Gerry Wykes at Naturespeak—a blog with fantastic, unusual nature photos. Gerry approved this post, but told me it looked like cr*p…)

Who Wore It Better?

The Yellow Jacket Hover Fly, Milesia virginiensis, is a biological mimic. It reaps all the benefits (if you call making small children scream a benefit) of being a stinging insect without actually having to expend the energy to make venom. Specifically, this hover fly mimics the Southern Yellow Jacket, Vespula squamosa. However, the whole hover … Continue reading Who Wore It Better?