Book signing in Homewood!

If you are in the Birmingham/Vestavia Hills/ Homewood area, come out and meet a whole slew of children's writers this weekend. (Secret Parent Tip: A personalized, autographed children's book is a wonderful teacher gift!) More info here!    


Being the science person that I am, I went to to generate random numbers for my prize drawing, and then counted down the list of people who like my Facebook page. Congratulations to Christy Maple Crisp who will get Amazing Cardboard Tubes and Carolyn Wallace, who will get Once Upon an Earth Science Book. … Continue reading Winners!

Who wore it better?

Yup, many swallowtail caterpillars disguise themselves as bird poop. What better way to keep birds from eating you? (The lovely poop shot comes from Gerry Wykes at Naturespeak—a blog with fantastic, unusual nature photos. Gerry approved this post, but told me it looked like cr*p…)

Atlanta Science Festival

The Atlanta Science Festival--that fabulous week of (mostly free) science activities for all ages--is almost here again! It will be March 19-26 at venues all across the Metro area. I'll be presenting at the fabulous Little Shop of Stories on Thursday March, 24 from 6-7. Be sure to check out the complete listing of events … Continue reading Atlanta Science Festival

Radio Interviews

This Fall, I had the unique experience of participating in a "radio media tour" for National Geographic. Boy, was that nerve-wracking! I would patch into a local radio station for on-the-fly questions, and I never knew what I was going to be asked. I was able to get the audio for a couple of those … Continue reading Radio Interviews