Edible Science Cooking Classes at Cook’s Warehouse

This Saturday, I’ll be teaching the first of two Edible Science cooking classes at Cook’s Warehouse. I am so pleased to be working with and supporting a strong, local business!

Register here!

From the Cook’s Warehouse Catalog:

Edible Science: Experiments You Can Eat Hands On for Kids (Ages 8 – 12) (8588)

Your kitchen is a science lab! Every time you cook, you’re doing an experiment that depends on the chemistry and biology of your ingredients. Grab your whisk, pick up your beaker, and get ready to cook up some serious science as you join children’s science author and teacher Jodi Wheeler-Toppen in a lively set of experiments…that you can eat. Each class attendee will receive a copy of Edible Science: Experiments You Can Eat (from National Geographic Kids), a $12.99 value. • Orange Vinaigrette over Bowl of Leaves
• Orange Mayonnaise
• Experiment with Disappearing gum
• Orange soda and Honeycomb Toffee over Ice Cream