Great Books for Young Scientists and Their Cats

As part of my research for Cat Science Unleashed, I had to tour the available cat science books for kids. The pickings are a bit slim, but I’m betting readers who love science and cats will appreciate this collection!

Dogs and Cats by Steve Jenkins. This is a picture book, but it has significant blocks of text on each page, so it may be a bit long to read aloud in one sitting. It describes the history of both pets and how their wild origins impact their current behavior. The pictures are classic Steve Jenkins delights. And for fun, some editions feature a dog on the cover, and other editions feature a cat.

Cats: Nature and Nurture (Science Comics) by Andy Hirsch . I love the Science Comics series because so many science concepts are essentially visual. In this book, a fictional cat takes the reader on a tour of the entire cat family, but with plenty of focus on our favorite house cats. An early elementary child could enjoy this with an adult, but it’s not babyish. Even an adult would find it informative.

How to Talk to Your Cat by Jean Craighead George.  This is an older book, but Jean Craighead George is such a favorite (Julie of the Wolves, Who Killed Cock Robin?) that some readers will be drawn in by the author. Aimed at slightly younger readers, it covers similar content to How to Speak Cat (below), but with engaging and humorous drawings.

How to Speak Cat: A Guide to Decoding Cat Language by Aline Alexander Newman. This one from National Geographic Kids is just what it sounds like. Great photographs and fun text show readers how to interpret the body language of cats. At 176 pages, it’s for the 8 to 12 year-old set (thought with plenty to offer an older reader).

Cats React to Science Facts by Izzi Howell. It turns out, there are not very many science books for kids about cats! So in making this list, I’m including this book, which has science and cats. Just not the science of cats. It pairs interesting science facts (in the style of the Weird but True books) with pictures of cats looking shocked. If your child likes cats and science, this could be a fun read.

And, of course, I have to put a plug in for Cat Science Unleashed: Fun Activities to Do with Your Feline Friend. In this book, kids can explore the science of cats WITH their cats, doing fun, safe experiments and reading about the science behind them. Available now!