Decatur Book Festival

SCBWI (the children’s writers organization) is having a booth at the Decatur Book Festival! If you are looking for some kid-centered activities, check out our offerings at booth #405. I will be unveiling Cat Science Unleashed: fun activities to do with your feline friend (releasing August 27!), so come by Saturday at 3:20 for some cat (and dog!) fun.

Other Science-y Presentations at Booth 405:

Saturday 10:40 Heather Montgomery #FreshLookatRoadkill The discovery of contagious cancer, a kid who rebuilt a giraffe, saving endangered species — all thanks to roadkill. Come hear how tragedies are turned triumphs. Put your hands on pelts and skulls and other creepy, cool body parts!
Saturday 11:00 Lyssa Sahadevan Building Bridges: A hands-on activity for kids and adults Author  and 1st grade teacher Lyssa Turner Sahadevan explores types of bridges and the people who design them. Then, try building a bridge yourself! This activity is perfect for children ages 5-9, parents and teachers.
Saturday 3:00 Shelli R Johannes CeCe Loves Science: Story Time Cece, a budding and inquisitive scientist, and her equally curious best friend, Isaac, conduct experiments to see whether Cece’s dog, Einstein, will eat his vegetables.
Sunday 2:40 Heidi Stemple Birds and Books 2018 was The Year of the Bird! Author Heidi EY Stemple participates every year in the longest running citizen science project in the world that helps scientists collect data on birds. Want to know more about it? Also–learn how to call owls!

See the whole line-up here: