STEM Tuesday Scavenger Hunt

I blog over at STEM Tuesday once a month. Our team is having a scavenger hunt to celebrate a year of blogging and a new search feature that makes it easy to find books and ideas on the topics you’re looking for. Head over to the blog to fill in your entry and win one of 13 amazing book packages from some of the best nonfiction writers around!

What’s the big deal with STEM Tuesday?

It’s an attempt to help readers, parents, and teachers locate good Science, Technology, Engineering and Math books for kids who have outgrown picture books (up through high school), and to give educators and writers new ways to think about these books. The programming goes like this:

First Tuesday of the Month: A new theme with a list of books that address that theme

Second Tuesday of the Month: A look at using a book or books from that list in a classroom setting (I’m on this team!)

Third Tuesday of the Month: A look at a book or books from the list from a writing perspective (for writers or language arts teachers)

Fourth Tuesday of the Month: An interview with one of the authors of a book from the list and a *GIVEAWAY* of that book