GREAT resource for teaching reading for academic texts

I LOVE the work of the Reading Apprenticeship group (Schoenbach, et. al.). I was delighted to discover that they are now producing content modules, which are available online for free. These modules are similar to what I’m trying to do in my Once Upon a Science Books–they provide all the resources you need, with step-by-step instructions for teachers to guide the students through texts. And they have both science AND history modules!

It may take a little work to get up to speed in the reading apprenticeship way of doing things, but it’s worth it. They focus on getting kids to think about their own thinking even more than I do in my Once Upon Books. In their teacher instructions, they use some vocabulary for it that they established in their Reading Apprenticeship model. So it may take a little background reading on their website or in one of their books to get ready to go with these. I believe it would be worth it!

At any rate, I am very excited that this resource is out there, and that they have been able to offer it for free.