North Georgia (and surrounding areas): Cool Chemistry Show Opportunity

I attended GSTA’s E.L.I.P.S.E. 4.0 workshop last weekend, and went to some excellent sessions—I recommend attending next year if you are nearby.

For that matter, if you are in driving distance of the University of North Georgia, I learned about another opportunity that you might take advantage of. One of the presenters, Dr. Carl Ohrenburg said that he would like to take his Chemistry Club to some schools to do exciting chemistry demonstrations (some of which he showed us—nothing like a hydrogen fireball to get you wide awake on a Saturday morning). If you’re interested, contact him at carl [dot] ohrenberg [at] ung [dot] edu.

(If you aren’t familiar with that form of email address, it’s a way to prevent spam-bots from harvesting email addresses and sending spam. Just remove all the spaces and put actual dots (.) and the at sign (@) in the appropriate places.)