Eclipse Resource Roundup

With the eclipse less than two weeks away, I’m compiling all of the resources I have posted about into one place. Do you have a favorite eclipse resource I haven’t discussed?


The Exploratorium has a ton of resources, including a “live streaming” of the event and this video explaining why the eclipse is occurring and why they are so rare.

Of course, NASA also has an eclipse website that is rich with resources for the public, teachers, and informal educators. They also have a whole slew of citizen science projects. related to the eclipse. I am particularly interested in Life Responds: you observe animals around you (wildlife or pets) and report in on whether their behavior changed during the eclipse.

Speaking of things to do during the eclipse, I highlighted this video earlier that goes through the stages of the eclipse and cool things to be on the lookout for at each stage.

You can find a NASA event to attend here. I’ve heard traffic warnings, however, including one piece of advice to arrive at your viewing location a full day ahead of time. Sheesh.

Finally, don’t forget that you’ll need safe eye wear. Star_net has information on their site on what to look for when purchasing eclipse glasses and how to get free eclipse glasses from area libraries (I know our library is offering them at several events over the next two weeks).

I hope you have a successful eclipse! I look forward to hearing everyone’s stories and having some to tell!