Come See Me at TASL

I'll be presenting tonight and tomorrow at the Tennessee Association of School Librarians. If you're coming to The Novel Conversation event tonight, I look forward to meeting you. Likewise, I can't wait to share "Curiosity Meets the Printed Page" tomorrow at 4!  

It’s a Breakout!

Like I've written before, the librarians always introduce me to the coolest things. And apparently, the coolest thing this year is Breakout Boxes. They were all over both conventions I went to. It's sort of like those escape the room challenges--you have a locked box., with a variety of locks. You have a clues to … Continue reading It’s a Breakout!

So A Chicken Walks into the Library…

I know I have a lot of school librarians who follow this blog. And I came across a page provocatively titled "Fun Resources for Librarians," and what should follow but a listing of movies, music videos (seriously?), jokes, etc. that feature librarians. So here it is. You're welcome.