Come See Me at TASL

I’ll be presenting tonight and tomorrow at the Tennessee Association of School Librarians. If you’re coming to The Novel Conversation event tonight, I look forward to meeting you. Likewise, I can’t wait to share “Curiosity Meets the Printed Page” tomorrow at 4!  

It’s a Breakout!

Like I’ve written before, the librarians always introduce me to the coolest things. And apparently, the coolest thing this year is Breakout Boxes. They were all over both conventions I went to. It’s sort of like those escape the room challenges–you have a locked box., with a variety of locks. You have a clues to … More It’s a Breakout!

Fizz, Boom, Read!

It’s been such a busy summer that I haven’t posted about any of my work. But I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t mention my upcoming appearance at the summer reading finale for the Cobb County Libraries. It’s open to the public, and everyone is welcome. You can see the line-up here, and it … More Fizz, Boom, Read!