Other Fun Books

Science Experiments that Explode and Implode/ Science Experiments that Fizz and Bubble. Explode a bar of soap! Create your own soft drinks! Whip up some science in your kitchen! These books are full of fun activities that teach science. A Junior Library Guild Selection.

chemistryforgirlsCool Chemistry Activities for Girls. Make your own lip balm, shampoo, bubble bath, and more. Amaze your friends with your ability to put chemistry to work for you.

Gross Science Projects. Learn how to mummify a fish. Grow a fungus garden on fresh animal poop. Start digesting a cracker in a cup. Everybody knows someone who would love to do these things. Is it you?

Human Muscles. Dive beneath your skin to get an in-depth look at your amazing muscles! Find out more about muscles, from your biceps to your stomach to the tiny stapedius in your inner ear.

Ghosts and Atoms. In this graphic novel-style book you can take a look at the smallest parts of matter and review the basics of atomic structure, with a little help from some spooky friends. See atoms as you’ve never seen them before!


Orchid Mantises and Other Extreme Insect AdaptationsOrchid Mantises and Other Extreme Insect Adaptations (Extreme Adaptations). Insects have found amazing ways to live just about everywhere. Find out about a host of unusual insects and the adaptations they use to fit in to extreme environments all over the world.

sensesOur Amazing Senses. What are the five senses? How do the eyes, nose, mouth, skin, and ears work? This series explains sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound and how the body parts that make them possible work. Simple, fun text for early readers.

The ASK Big Book of Mad Scientists and Alchemy. This ebook is a collection of some of ASK Magazine’s best science articles. It contains one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever done–a profile of Kristin Laidre, who studies Narwhals in the Arctic. I even got to interview her as she camped on the ice in the arctic, via radio-relayed phone messages.