Great Visit at Greystone

I had a fantastic visit at Greystone Elementary this week, where media specialist Julie Richey puts on an amazing FULL WEEK of author and illustrator visits. What a gift to her students!  

Riverchase Rocks!

I had a wonderful visit at Riverchase Elementary School today. The students were wonderful, and their garden, STEM lab and media center are amazing! They welcomed me with this super-fun bulletin board. I've never been greeted by Yoda before!

how gneiss

The girl munchkin is always proud to identify gneiss. She looks for the characteristic striping. Gneiss is metamorphic, and the stripes form when intense heat and pressure--deep in the earth--turn granite or diorite into a sort of putty. The minerals are able to move a little, and sort themselves out into layers of like-minded (or … Continue reading how gneiss