Staff Development for Teachers in Grades 6 – 12

I offer everything from a 1-hour overview to a 3-day intensive training for teachers in science, math, and social studies. Recent presentations include:

The Un-common Core: Give teachers the basic tools they need to integrate reading, writing, and content instruction. This can be tailored to science only, or incorporate teachers from other content areas.

Science Argumentation: Both the NGSS and the Common Core emphasize making claims and supporting them with evidence. Teachers will learn how to introduce claims, evidence, and reasoning; how to help students put their thoughts in writing; and how to evaluate their finished work.

Life Science/ Biology Intensive: Teachers will spend an entire day focused on key content from the NGSS paired with literacy strategies that address the Common Core. They will try out content-specific lessons that they can put right to use in their middle and high school classrooms. Participants also receive a copy of Once Upon a Life Science Book: 12 interdisciplinary lessons to create confident readers– a year-long program for building reading instruction into life science and biology.

Earth Science Intensive: Like the life science/ biology intensive, this full-day workshop immerses teachers in important content, paired with reading and writing strategies. Teachers will leave with lessons that teach reading, writing, and Earth science content that they can use right away in middle and high school classrooms.

Other: I am happy to work with you to meet your specific needs in the area of reading, writing, and science. I can put together a workshop that addresses the specific science standards in which your teachers need support. I can also work with your teachers to develop skills over the long-term. For example, this year I will be working with one group of teachers monthly, which allows those teachers to try new methods and then meet back for support and problem-solving.


Use the links below to see me in action!

Watch the Georgia Department of Education’s Common Core Video Series online at:  (Middle school video. My session runs from minutes 9:40-34:05) school video. My session runs from minutes 13:40-43:45)

Watch my webinar with the National Science Teachers Association at:

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