Current pricing:

$1000/ day, plus travel if outside metro-Atlanta (4-5 presentations to students or a full day of staff development)

$500/ half day (metro-Atlanta only) (2 presentations or a half-day of staff development)

$300/ family science night

Why is it worth the money?

-I do a lot of exciting experiments, but that requires me to provide A LOT of equipment and consumable supplies for each presentation.

-I personalize the presentations to the needs of your school, so I put in a lot of time before (and after, if I give your students a challenge) the presentation.

-I have a Ph.D. in science education from the University of Georgia. My research specialization is how students learn to read science text. I don’t say that to sound important—I say that because every presentation I give is steeped in years of study and practice in how students learn. I’m not doing a “science show” with a bunch of cute tricks. I build each presentation around a group of key ideas (such as the molecular nature of matter) and use the excitement of the demonstrations to help students learn without realizing it.

We don’t have that much!

Ultimately, I don’t want price to keep me from filling a need. Please contact me if these costs are prohibitive for your school.