Real Research–with a paycheck–this Summer (2018)

One interesting sort of summer adventure involves spending the summer in a university of government research lab. These positions usually are paid (seems to be about $700/week on average), but don’t include travel, room, or board. The list below will get you started, but try searching your local university website for options near you. Fermilab: … More Real Research–with a paycheck–this Summer (2018)

A Classroom Full of Data

I wrote earlier about Data Nuggets, a great website for helping students connect math (and understanding how it is used in research) with science. Here are two other teacher-focused websites that offer real data sets from real research along with help introducing data analysis to your students. Science in the Classroom is put out by … More A Classroom Full of Data

New Year, New Adventures

Fresh year, fresh semester, and a time of thinking about what comes next: the perfect time to consider a summer adventure. I consider the free summer programs available to science teachers to be one of the greatest perks of our profession—you can often find a program that lets you do something science-y that few other … More New Year, New Adventures

In my compost pile

The kids and I have been having a ton of fun with our new toy, a wildlife camera. I’ve posted by my compost pile over the last few weeks. I’ve got a few regular visitors: And a few more who just drop by on occasion (didn’t ever catch the raccoon’s face): And as a bonus, … More In my compost pile